Garlic Benefits

7 Key Health Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic is used by mostly Asian Countries, they put Garlic in almost all their vegetables and the reason for doing this is because Garlic has so many health benefits that many people don’t know.

Today we are discussing those in our article and modern science also proves that Garlic can help the human body to stay healthy and fit.

Garlic contains a very high concentration of sulfur and because of sulfur garlic has that smell which can be annoying for some people. But Garlic also contains potassium, zinc, phosphorus, saponins, selenium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, Vitamin C and A.

Health benefits of Garlic

  • Cold and Flu

Cold and Flu

Garlic can help you in curing the FLU and Common Cold, and it is proven according to research conducted with 120 people, they take Garlic Extract, and after the research is done, they found that their symptoms of cold and flu.

And the reason behind this is Garlic helps in increasing the number of immune cells which are basically T cells, and it also helps in boosting the immune system. And Garlic also reduced the cytokines.

  • Slows Downs the Breast Cancer Growth

A substance called Diallyl disulfide which is present in Garlic helps in stopping the growth of breast tumors. It becomes the reason for the death of tumor cells present in cancer infected area. And this research happened in Rats and it is proven that it can help in slowing down the growth of Breast Cancer.

  • Reduces the Blood Pressure

Reduces Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can cause many problems like strokes and heart attack, and these two problems are the biggest killers and in one human studies it is found that garlic supplement can reduce the blood pressure then it will help in a good and healthy heart.

People who have high blood pressure can take garlic on a daily basis to reduce the level of blood pressure.

  • Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Garlic contains many anti-oxidants that can help in oxidative damage caused by the free radicals which increase as the age increases and as we already told that Garlic can help in reducing the blood pressure in the above section, and that also helps in reducing the risk of Brain Disease called Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Garlic Supplements can increase Performance

Garlic Supplements

In ancient times, Garlic is used for increasing the performance of the athletes, and it is found that in Ancient Greece it is used by Athletes to increase their performance. There are no recent studies that can prove these claims, but there are some studies with animals that prove this statement.

It is also found that people who take garlic oil for their heart health have an increase in their performance. But there is no study conducted with healthy people that can prove this.

  • Helps in Detoxifying

Garlic can help in removing the heavy metals from the human body. And in one study conducted with the workers of a Car battery company, they have high levels of lead in their blood because of the manufacturing of Lead Batteries, and researchers found that taking garlic three times a day can reduce the levels of lead from the blood by almost 19%. And garlic also helps those workers in reducing the blood pressure and headache problems.

  • Live Longer

Garlic has so many health benefits and also reduces the risk of heart attacks, from that we can conclude that Garlic can help you in live longer. Heart-Related diseases are one of the most common reasons for so many deaths all around the world.

There are no proven studies that can say that Garlic can help in living longer lives, and it is impossible to do this research.

  • Protect from UV rays

Garlic can help your skin in preventing them from UV rays, as it helps in increasing the immune system’s strength. When a person goes under UV rays, the urocanic acid present in their skins starts changing and weaken the immune system. Garlic supplements can help you in decreasing the amount of Urocanic Acid in rats.


These are some of the health benefits of taking Garlic on daily basis, there are much more but we cannot cover all of them in our article, because if we cover all of them, then the length of this article will be so long.

If you are one of those guys who doesn’t like eating Garlic, like me :p, then you can take garlic as in a capsule or in powder forms, there are so many Garlic Supplements that can help you.

And I found an article which can help you in picking the Best Garlic Supplement. You can read that article if you want to know more about Benefits of Garlic, they made a complete long article on this topic.

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  • Garlic Benefits

    7 Key Health Benefits Of Garlic

    Garlic is used by mostly Asian Countries, they put Garlic in almost all their vegetables and the reason for doing this ...
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