Stop Smoking

7 Simple Tips to Quit Smoking

Lots of people have the same misconception they have smoked for so long, and the damage is made, why quit now? This is dangerous thinking and far from the truth. Yes, you’ve damaged your body. But whether you’ve smoked two years or twenty, your body still has amazing healing capabilities, and will start the healing process as soon as you put down that last smoke!

It was your decision to start smoking and should be your decision to stop. You may be doing it to be a good influence on your children. You may be doing it to reduce health risks or since you have already developed health issues, or you may choose to quit since it is just too darn expensive to smoke these days. Whatever the reason, it’s time you took back charge of your life.

Every Time You Light Up a Cigarette, You are Saying that Your Life isn’t Worth Living.

The next 7 tips can go a long way in helping for your journey to quit smoking permanently:

1st Tip:

Generally, the impulse to smoke lasts about two minutes. Consume a carrot. Chew on or twirl your pen. Just keep yourself occupied.

2nd Tip:

Have a sponsor. Having the capacity to make use of someone who can talk you thru urges could actually help.

3th Tip:

Since nicotine is water soluble, it can help if you drink a lot of water in the first couple of days and weeks.

4th Tip:

Ascorbic acid is great for the body and helps in healing processes. Keep some oranges around – they’ll also keep your hands busy during those two-minute hankerings so you won’t pick up a cigarette instead!

5th Tip:

Is it time for your smoke break? Head outdoors still, outside the smoker’s area, and employ some deep breathing exercises. Consider how grateful your lungs are to get fresh air instead of smoke laced with more than 4000 chemicals!

6th Tip:

Stay away from negative people. This will be significant. If you are surrounding yourself by individuals who all believe that you’re just acting whiny your self-esteem usually takes a massive hit. Additionally, you may begin to lose your perseverance. Surrounding yourself with people who support your time and efforts to become healthier makes it much easier to keep the final goal on the horizon. In the end, the friend who encourages you may be the friend you want to be with you more anyways!

7th Tip:

There is nothing wrong with using quit smoking aids. However, you have to review all of the choices to quit smoking that is available on the market. You will discover literally thousands of products that claim they can assist you to. Some really don’t help at all, while others may help – but only for several people. This means when the product is not specifically suited to you, it will not be very effective. Finding something that’s right for your requirements is vital to your success.

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  • Stop Smoking

    7 Simple Tips to Quit Smoking

    Lots of people have the same misconception they have smoked for so long, and the damage is made, why quit now? ...
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