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8 Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Beginners in 2019

2019 is here, and so are the new marketing trends and strategies. It’s no surprise as every year new and better marketing strategies are introduced in the business and marketing sectors and 2019 is no exception to it.

As we step into this New Year, marketers and business experts are analyzing and uncovering several marketing strategies and trends that will help in shaping a better future for the marketing and business world.

No one can deny the power and influence of effective digital marketing. Digital marketing is nothing new to this modern business world but each year new digital marketing strategies bring about some significant changes in this highly digitized business and marketing world.

A digital marketing strategy, if properly executed, can serve as the profit and sales booster for any small, medium or huge business organization and company. However, a lot has changed with this digitization and modernization of the business world. Having an effective marketing strategy is not enough, to stay ahead of the business game you need to update your strategy as well.

Every New Year the dates on the calendar are not the only things which change, the marketing trends, business strategies, and solutions also change. A few decades ago, digital platforms changed the whole orthodox marketing perception, and now with the rapid growth of these digital platforms, the marketing strategies will no longer stay the same.

How will marketing change in the year 2019?

The focal point of digital marketing is to bring the relevant audience to your business organization and company and to achieve that you need to go online and stay active more often. Viewing this increased usage of online platforms, digital marketers are benefiting from these new online channels and marketing mediums to reach out to more prospects and to widen their business perspectives.

Digital marketing is all about putting technology in use to elevate the position of your business in digital markets and business sectors. By simply promoting your business brand and products on the internet one can easily achieve the basic objectives of digital marketing, but that’s not all!

Digital marketing is all about interacting with your client and customers and affiliating your business brand with the wants and needs of your potential. Digital marketing encompasses the concepts of email marketing, digital advertising, SEO and all other ideas that somehow uses online platforms and electronic devices.

The year 2018 was pivotal for marketing strategies and business trends and now that we have entered the year 2019 the demand and significance of digital marketing has increased exponentially. So here are some of the marketing strategies and business trends that will shape the business and marketing sectors in the year 2019:

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is not a new and unique concept in this modern world. While every other industry is adapting AI techniques and methods to evolve and grow, the marketing and business industries are no exception to this developing trend.

Even though this technology is not new, we can anticipate more advancement and maturity in this evolving technology. By integrating machine learning and neural networking, this technology can help us in decision making and precise analysis.

Many organizations like Facebook and Google have already incorporated AI-powered advertising methods by formulating and applying their own algorithms. With such a big breakthrough in the marketing sector, we can expect to see more of AI-powered techniques and algorithms in the year 2019.

Besides more advanced digital marketing tools and applications are implementing AI techniques as everyone wants to free-up time that is wasted on marketing and save energy and money.


  1. Voice search audio activity:

The growth of the audio-activated search device is expected to reach its peak in the year 2019. So if you want to increase your SEO and improve your SERP ranking, you should start working on your Voice Search SEO strategies.

Voice search SEO is a new and more advanced SEO method, and more and more business organizations are jumping on this bandwagon to stay ahead of the marketing game.

User Experience

  1. Content and UX:

Your blogs and web content is the online marketing empire that you build. In 2019, optimization and improvement of your web content should be the focus of your digital marketing strategy, why?

The reasons are numerous for doing this, but some of the important ones are:

  • Firstly your web content is the impression builder, whether it’s your website or your blogs, update it regularly to make a striking first impression on your target audience.
  • Secondly, people trust the information available online. Anything on Wikipedia is considered and regarded as believable. So visit Wikipedia, study the guidelines of wiki professionals Inc. and create your wiki page to increase your online presence.
  • Lastly, you’re the quality and content of your blogs tell the users about who you are and what you sell. So tell your business story and keep your audience hooked on your content.

Micro influencers

  1. Micro influencers:

Business and marketing influencers have played a vital role in the growth and expansion of several business organizations and companies. However, hiring a professional and a well-known business influencer might take a lot form your marketing budget.

Believe it or not, this modern and young generation watches YouTube more than any TV, which has increased the demand and value of micro-influencers. Getting your product and brand endorsed by these YouTube influencers is the futuristic way of getting more audience.

If you can get your product endorsed by a micro influencer you can also request him for a sponsored post which can result in boosting your brand’s reputation.

Personalized emails

  1. Personalized emails:

No matter how many trends come and go, email marketing is one of the widely-used and preferred marketing method. However, the way it’s done nowadays is not similar to the old and traditional approaches.

Generic and standardized format of emails is not effective in today’s modern marketing world. Email marketing is evolving; marketing emails are now a cohesive combination of automation and personalization. Sending user-specific emails about the products and services previously browsed by your users can help you in marketing your brand effectively.

Emails are often regarded as the final stimulator to generate a positive response from the users and the targeted audience.


  1. Search engine optimization:

Every business organization and digital marketer knows the importance of great SEO. Optimizing your web content and websites to increase the organic traffic and to generate relevant lead is one of the crucial components for the success of any business organization.

However, SEO techniques have evolved with the evolution of business and marketing strategies. There is no single way of optimizing your content to increase online visibility. Regular and relevant blogs, visually appealing and up-to-date websites and infographics are some of the marketing strategies that might help you in SEO improvement.

Almost every internet users visit the first two or three websites for finding answers to their queries. If your content doesn’t make it to the first result page of the search engine, then you might need to evaluate your web content.


  1. Go mobile:

Mobile marketing is the present and the future of digital marketing. If your official business website is not mobile-friendly, there is a high chance that your brand will have zero online visibility and presence.

For successful digital marketing of your best business products, your websites shouldn’t only be responsive, but they need to be mobile-friendly as well. To reiterate it, smartphones have become a huge part of the business sector, and if your website lacks mobile-friendliness, then this sector will only become troublesome to your business venture.

So study the website development trends and revamp your website to put your business venture on the path to success.

Conversion rate optimization

  1. Conversion rate optimization:

Digital marketers and advertisers are constantly looking for ways to generate valuable lead and to convert those leads into potential customers. That’s why Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) will be the focus of every business and marketing discussion.

Using an advanced tool like Analytics any business organization and company can create a reputable position in the digital market and business sector by analyzing the needs and wants of the prospects.

On the other hand, many websites have no problem in generating leads and driving organic traffic the real problem surfaces when it comes to conversion of those leads into loyal and recurring customers

That’s is the exact reason as to why CRO will be the focus of many digital marketers in the year 2019.


That’s a wrap on all the digital marketing strategies of 2019. The trends and strategies keep changing every year, the key to maintaining and making a good name in the marketing sector is to adapt and evolve with these trends.

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