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8 Key Tips For A Successful Information Management Program

Running an effective information management program continuously at an organization is not an easy task. The people responsible for the initiative have to make sure that all the systems and processes function in an error-free manner. At the same time, they have to keep the workforce motivated and interested in the program. While many corporations hire EIM consulting services to create a system for their organization, the initiative loses its effectiveness after some time because of poor management. There are various factors that have to be kept in mind for ensuring that the system remains productive. In this article, we are presenting some vital suggestions that will help companies in managing the program efficiently and ensuring its success.

1. Identify The Challenges

Every organization is unique and so are its inherent complexities. This gives rise to challenges which may or may not be unique to that enterprise. This requires a flexible approach and managers must be alert at all times to spot issues lack of synchronization between different systems or the existence of redundant solutions. Technology is a rapidly changing field and it will be sensible to learn about new advancements which affect the program. Corporations must never be dependent on a single technology solution and adopt a range of systems according to the requirements of the different departments.

2. Encourage Active Participation Of The Workforce

One of the most important factors dictating the success of an initiative is how easily the workforce adapts to the change. Implementing the program results in a change in the approach of the entire organization and the staff members require some time to get used to the new systems and tools. They must be imparted proper training so that they become familiar with the mechanism of the program. Communicating the benefits of the initiative will be helpful in encouraging the active participation of the staff. Once they understand that adhering to the policies and procedures will improve their productivity, they will readily adopt the initiative.

3. Business Requirements Must Define The Priorities

The prime objective of managing information is to improve the business decisions of an enterprise. Many organizations look at the program as a purely technical initiative. They are not entirely wrong but it is vital to understand that all technological solutions and tools are being deployed to fulfill business needs. Identify the requirements of the business sections of the company to assign priority to different projects. This will ensure that all serious data problems are solved and improve the overall performance of the corporation.

4. Keep The Focus On Tangible Results

As mentioned earlier, educating staff about the positive impact of the initiative on their own productivity will help in the widespread adoption of the program. However, the vital question is how to communicate the benefits. Identify tangible results of implementing the program. For instance, an error in a customer information form is resulting in incorrect telephone numbers being recorded in the system. A project to eliminate the error will make the sales and customer care departments see a visible benefit of the program. The staff at these sections would have been facing trouble in communicating with registered users leading to a rise in unresolved issues and dipping sales.

5. Stress On The Involvement Of The Executive Leadership

The success of an information management program cannot be guaranteed without the involvement of the key decision-makers. The new initiative is a huge change for any organization and the staff at lower levels cannot be expected to be receptive to the transformation unless the top leadership adopts it in a whole-hearted manner. The executive leadership of the organization must be made an integral part of the program. It is essential that everyone at all hierarchical levels is using the tools and solutions and adhering to the stated protocols.

6. Be Aware Of The Risks

There are inherent risks of running such a program which are hard to avoid. Experts at reputed data management consulting companies advise that enterprises must be aware of them in order to alleviate their impact. These risks involve the implementation of an unsuitable software application or overspending on a project. The changing business realities also create problems and can make a process or a solution redundant. Organizations, during the planning stage, must recognize the possible risks and devise a plan to counter them. This will be helpful in resolving the issues quickly if and when they arise.

7. Divide The Whole Program Into Small Segments

One of the most common and safest ways to implement a program is, to start with small steps. Usually, enterprises begin the initiative in one section and then slowly replicate the program in all departments. However, this approach can be modified a bit and numerous small steps can be taken across the organization to begin the initiative. Divide the whole program into small projects according to the departments. Follow this by identifying the steps required to launch each project and prepare accordingly. This will be helpful in starting the initiative across the entire company and save time.

8. Ensure Adequate Communication Across The Enterprise

Another key factor that plays an instrumental role in making the initial success is effective communication. Using the segmented approach for implementation means that multiple issues can erupt at the same time. If proper communication channels have been integrated into the system, then a problem will be reported and dealt with quickly. This will also ensure better coordination between all personnel involved in the initiative.


Information management is a challenging and complicated task which requires a planned approach. Enterprises need to make an honest assessment of their requirements, shortcomings, and qualities to create an effective blueprint for implementing the program.

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