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The One Man Army Chat Application – Wechat crosses 1 billion users

As per latest ZDNet news, wechat is just exceed 1 billion monthly active users.

We chat is one of the best chat application. It is the most popular chat application in china. Wechat does not just provide social networking services but in china, it provides all kind of services like ticket booking, card payment, food delivery, marketplace and lot more things.

Even in China WhatsApp and Facebook are completely banned, so most of the users using the Wechat. Not just youngstrers but even 50+ age people also using wechat atleast once in a month for sure. If you want to use Facebook and wahtsapp in china, then you have use VPN. Without VPN it won’t be possible at all.

Wechat not only famous in china, but worldwide, it is also famous. Wechat has most active users from asia. Wechat rapidly growing its market cap and users. And in 2018 wechat did rocket growth and surpass 1 billion active users.

As per ZDNet in 2018,

45 billion messages send on the everyday basis, meanwhile, 410 million video and audio calls also made. The ration is 6 times higher then the three years ago.

So Wechat is tremendous and its services is really upto the mark and that’s why people like the Wechat app. Wechat hold by the chinese giant Tencent technology company.

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