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Ultimate Solution for Running a Successful Taxi

The Ultimate Solution for Running a Successful Taxi-Hailing Business

With the changing times, technology has brought many boons to its users. As it is necessary to fulfill customer demands by time, many businesses have started adopting the technical approach which leads them to offer online services and products to their customers. As time has brought many changes to the transportation industry also, many tech startups have acquired the market of taxi-hailing through their impressive solutions. With the introduction of mobile-based taxi booking solutions like Uber, the scenario of the market has evolved drastically.

These applications facilitate users with many perks. As those applications allow users to book a ride from their location and enjoy the ride without any hassles of getting robbed of their wallets with expensive ride fare. Also, the features implemented specifically for users’ safety and security allow the users to feel safe and secure while traveling in one of their cabs. Hence, these applications have impacted the economy of the ride-hailing business and also has inspired many to join the competition. The primary features attracting the users towards the application are:

Live Tracking of Ride

Users are facilitated to watch over the ride as they travel. From the moment on the ride request of the user has been accepted, users are allowed to track and see the current status of their ride arriving at their location on the map integrated within the application. Also, throughout the time user travels, they can see the live status of their taxi on their own devices and also can share their location on any point of time.

SOS Panic Button

The panic button supports in the time of emergency. Users can press the button available on their devices at the moment when they feel insecure about anything. The application will share the current location of the user with the nearby police station and trusted contacts of users who can reach to the user immediately. Hence, any unwanted situations can be avoided successfully.

User Feedback

To give a reason for performing better than others, these applications furnish their users with review and feedback system through which they can share their views regarding the services provided by drivers. These feedbacks can be seen by other riders also which affects the drivers’ position in the company. If a driver has been continuously reported for inappropriate behavior, they can be blocked forever from the use of the application.

Driver Profile

As soon as the driver accepts any ride requests, their profile is shown to riders in which the feedback and reviews received from other users are also displayed along with the driver’s primary details. Hence, users are made aware of the driver details before they ride with them.

Ride Sharing

These applications have introduced an interesting feature which is affordable for users and is energy-saving too. They enable their users to share a ride. Different users located in a single path and booking a ride for nearby destinations are facilitated with the common ride-service in which they all are provided a single cab to travel. Total fare is distributed evenly among them and it helps in saving the fuel also. Apparently, this feature has brought a remarkable increment in the revenue of these applications.

Cashless Payment Options

The applications support cashless payment, they facilitate their users to pay via a card or an integrated wallet system. Also, the cash payment option is there too. Hence, the users are relieved from the worries of carrying hard cash with them and pay from their mobile devices only within a few taps. Also, the estimated fare has been already displayed to users which successfully avoids any conflicts between riders and drivers regarding the fare.

Ride History

The history of rides taken by users is recorded and displayed to the users from which users can repeat a ride without having to enter the details of pick-up and destination location. Also, the receipt of payment completed by a user is shown within the application and the customer care centers are always ready to solve any queries of the users regarding the ride they have requested.

As these features have been successfully fueling the growth of mobile-based taxi-hailing solutions, now is a good opportunity to join their community and start offering the services of ride-hailing through applications to users where these applications have not yet reached. Being in the business for several years now, a local taxi-hailing service can achieve immense growth through the facility of application based ride-booking.


Any entrepreneurs wanting to spread their wings can join the online ride-hailing community by working as a mediator between the drivers and riders through the application.


Developing an application which can give a tough competition to existing ones is a time consuming and money-eater task. Therefore, opting for an application like a uber clone, which offers extended support along with the excellently working features of the existing applications and coming at affordable rates and attractive customizations which can be implemented in no time is a wise decision to take. You can provide your business with a good opportunity to get it rolling over the success with such an application.

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