Top 6 Sources to Get Best High-Quality Graphics for Your Website

There is a heck ton of load when it comes to designing a visual or illustration from scratch like what will be the idea & where should you start, what more you can add to it. When you’re designing a set of visuals for your new site or you’re creating graphical images & infographics for a blog, in such cases, a graphics resources site can play an important role in finding high-quality resources and help you do your work more professionally and elegantly.

As a designer, I’m always in search of something new, something awesome and since these graphics resource sites are my one-stop places to find such resources, it keeps amazing me with more quality illustrations and visuals beforehand. And I’m not only talking about images, as they’ve got more than what you expect such as vector illustrations, editable videos, animations, UI kits, mock-ups, PSD, fonts, templates etc.

In this way coming along to a point, where I’ve completed my research for a list of sites from where one can get high-quality illustrations, graphics & visuals and can save a lot of time & money, here’s what I & other design specialists recommend.

Top 6 sources to Get Awesome High-Quality graphics for Your Website:


1. Canva (Freemium)

Canva is one of the best graphic design source provider ever. Premium Canva provides you a ton of ready-made graphic design as well also provides the best drag and drop graphics customization features. Even if you don’t go with the premium Canva than also you can use a ton of Canva features even in free. Why not you start with Canva for best visualization and great illustration. Canva is the best tool for graphics personalization. It is also recommended by Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy Kawasaki and more personalities.




2. (Free/Premium) is a great place with a huge collection of free graphics, illustrations & vectors. has every kind of graphics vector available for you to reuse and to help you create your own easy yet quick graphics & visuals. They have pre-designed vectors for logos, banners, brochures, business cards, infographics, mockups, flyers, patterns and much more. Everything on Freepik is an easily editable vector which can be easily downloaded. Freepik lets you use their free vectors with a simple attribution of the author but if you wish to use it without crediting the rightful author, you have to purchase the premium plan of which is monthly paid service for all their graphics.




3. (Premium Only) is a premium repository for graphics, illustrations, vectors & visuals. It has high-quality graphics at some very promising prices. Shutterstock is the one-stop place for all your visual needs as they’ve all kinds of stock graphics which can be easily edited with guided solutions. Shutterstock is not only limited to graphics as they also provide music tracks, stock video clips, animations which are all covered in their monthly paid plans. Since Shutterstock is a paid resource all of its products can only be downloaded and used if you subscribe to their plans. But they do provide free weekly products to their subscribers which can be simply availed by signing up for an account on Shutterstock.




4. (Premium Only)

Storyblocks is also one of the high-quality premium vector graphics providers. Just as like the above alternatives Storyblocks is a premium graphics provider for all categories of products. It also provides royalty-free photos, videos, audio tracks which can be used for editing & visualization. Storyblocks vectors are being used by many top digital brands which have verified the quality of the content available in it.




5. (Premium Only) is an Envato Network repository of premium graphics & vector products. GraphicRiver provides every type of vectors from PSD’s to mockups and has all categories of products such as banners, mockups, flyers, icons, infographics, fonts, logos and much more. There are thousands of graphics & vectors uploaded daily on the site by independent creators just like CreativeMarket. It has ready-to-use graphics at cheap to medium rates, each uploaded product is reviewed by the Envato team for its quality & value. There are also free vectors each month which can be easily downloaded from GraphicRiver’s site


creative market landing page example


6. (Freemium) is one of the top graphics & vector providers out there on the web. CreativeMarket is a great place to get a high-quality pre-designed template for your proposal or resume or if you’re planning to create your visuals for marketing, it has everything for your vector graphic needs. With over millions of premium assets which can be used out of the box at very reasonable rates. CreativeMarket also releases its free weekly products to their subscribers with discount coupons for their products. There is thousands of premium content getting uploaded daily from independent creators which helps in getting options for every variety of products.

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